Stiff, Smooth & Cloud Explained


For a lot of new "vapers", e-juice can be CONFUSING! Sure, most people understand that e-juices can be made with varying levels of nicotine, but a lot of people don't realize that you can FURTHER customize your e-juice by adjusting the levels of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which provide more or less flavor, throat-hit and ultimately... SATISFACTION!

Rather than add to the confusion that surrounds PG/VG/NICOTINE ratios, Puff's makes it SIMPLE by offering 3 different styles of e-juice... 

- STIFF - 
Our STIFF e-juice is mixed with a GREATER amount of PROPYLENE GLYCOL and provides the strong THROAT & CHEST HIT that traditional analog cigarette smokers have come to expect with each inhale. Our STIFF e-juice is perfect for customers trying to QUIT SMOKING.  

Our SMOOTH e-juice is mixed with a GREATER amount of VEGETABLE GLYCERIN and less propylene glycol, providing fantastic delivery of flavor, with much LESS throat & chest hit. Our SMOOTH mix e-juice has proven to be our MOST POPULAR product.

Our CLOUD e-juice is made with a MAXIMUM amount of VEGETABLE GLYCERIN and next to no propylene glycol, including VG BASED NICOTINE! VG heavy e-juices create HUGE CLOUDS! CLOUD e-juice is most commonly used as a “dripping” juice for use in “RDA’s & RBA’s”.