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Inhalation of flavor chemical blends by use of electronic cigarettes is a popular and more chemically pure alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. However, please note that this use of flavors is a relatively new practice, and has not been safety-tested by any official organizations. Therefore, we are not able to guarantee that any flavor is SAFE for this use. These statements are also true for ANY other flavor or e-juice manufacturers. There are NO companies that can GUARANTEE that theirs flavor are safe for long-term use. There has just not been enough time to do this kind of testing.

All that being said; the raw goods we use to manufacture our flavors at Puff's are the highest quality, U.S. MADE (with the exception of a few) products that we can find. 100% of our flavors are made with WATER SOLUBLE food flavoring. We HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER use oil based flavorings of any kind. In addition, 100% of our flavors are diacetyl free. We have placed direct links to our flavor and raw goods suppliers listed below to assist in any research you might like to do in regards to any of our flavors.

We will not release the specific combination of ingredients of ANY of our flavors. Don't waste your time in asking, sorry. Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Starbucks and countless other organizations would rather die than give up their secret flavor recipes... we are no different. Ultimately, the FDA will closely regulate our industry, at which point, not only Puff's, but our competitiors as well, will be forced to provide 100% transparancy in the ingredients and manufacture of our products. Until then, we will operate with as much transparency as we can while remaining as fiercely competitive as we can within a violently expanding marketplace.

If you need information in relation to our product line that can not be found by researching our suppliers, feel free to send an email to   

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 Certificate of Analysis (COA) - Glycerin #001

MSDS Sheet - Clycerin #001