Our Response to Altria, the King of "Big Tobacco"

Our Response to Altria, the King of "Big Tobacco"

There are very few things we truly HATE here at Puff's. We don't care if you're white, black, brown, yellow, christian, hindu, muslim, atheist, gay, straight, bi, or if you're even a nice person for that matter. We're pretty much COOL with EVERYONE!

The one thing we CAN'T stand... is "Big Tobacco", and there is no bigger KING of the Big Tobacco cartel than Altria, makers of Marlboro, L & M, Parliament, Virginia Slims, Copenhagen & Skoal among others.

Recently, Puff's received a letter directly from Altria's Washington DC attorneys telling us that we were in trouble for using their intellectual property on our website, and if we didn't change what we were doing, they were going to sue us. Click HERE to see the actual letter from Altria...

So... the GOOD news is that Puff's has finally grown big enough that we are on Big Tobacco's radar! The BAD news is that we are now OFFICIALLY swimming in shark infested waters, which is TERRIFYING, because we don't have $1 million dollars sitting in a bank account somewhere just waiting to throw at attorneys in Washington D.C..

Today, Puff's is still a small business, but we are working hard to provide great products at a great price that will allow us to keep growing larger and larger. So, instead of paying our attorneys THOUSANDS of dollars to fight an opponent that has literally UNLIMITED legal resources, the President of Puff's LLC, sent Altria's attorneys THIS response letter that we hope sent a clear message as to how we feel about their company and Big Tobacco in general. Click HERE to read Our Response to Altria.

So... obviously, our response letter got quite passionate and went little "off the rails" in regards to our hatred of Big Tobacco, but we figured that while we had the FULL ATTENTION of one of our biggest adversaries, we might as well use it to make our mission clear.

Please let us know in the comments if you agree with our response to Altria. We love to hear the thoughts and ideas from everyone involved with Puff's... MOST of all, our great customers!!!