Detoxify detox products at PUFFS Vape Shop in Wichita, Ks

Detoxify detox products at PUFFS Vape Shop in Wichita, Ks

PUFFS Vape Shop is Wichita's #1 seller of high quality detox products!

Over the years, we've sold DOZENS of different brands of detox drinks, detox pills and quick detox products and we know which detox products WORK.... and which ones DON'T!!!


PUFFS Vape Shop is proud to be an official dealer of Detoxify brand detox products!!! Detoxify has been a trusted name in the detoxification industry for over 20 years and has helped MILLIONS of people meet their personal cleansing deadline by offering consumers the highest quality detox products available on the market today. 

When you're needing to cleanse your body of all toxins for a very important personal deadline, PUFFS Vape Shop at 1520 E. Douglas #200 in Wichita, Kansas has exactly the products you're looking for.

The Detoxify product line includes...

Ready Clean
Ready Clean for Women
XXtra Clean
Mega Clean
Instant Clean
Green Clean
Mighty Clean
Ever Clean

!!! NOTICE !!!

PUFFS Vape Shop employees will NOT sell detox products to any individuals intending to intentionally defraud any type of government mandated or employment toxicity screenings. PUFFS Vape Shop ONLY sells detoxification products to individuals needing to meet their PERSONAL CLEANSING DEADLINE. Thank you for your cooperation.