California Has Gone Flavor Ban CRAZY!!!

California Has Gone Flavor Ban CRAZY!!!

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In the state of California, we are witnessing something unprecedented and frankly disturbing. Strong words? So, why is it disturbing? 

Well, for a few reasons, but the first reason that stands out the most is the fact that they seem to continuously wish to see the most effective public health intervention eradicated from existence. What exactly is this particular public health intervention and why exactly is it so historically significant?

Each question is understandable and noteworthy. The obvious explanation would be to identify vaporizing eliquids for tobacco harm reduction as the most effective public health intervention in history. Too dramatic? Perhaps exaggerated? Doubtful.

However, the relentless attacks on the industry and the swift willingness from government agencies to step in and regulate these products in a way that is entirely unrelated to the products purpose or clear examples. Examples to work? Examples that reveal just how much established industries throughout the global economic landscape would love to see this independent vaper product industry diminished.

In reference to the state of California, we can all remember a time when this state was seen as a safe haven, as a place to escape all the discriminatory unjust persecution scattered about America. However, something has changed in California and as a nonresident I have no idea what may have caused this or when this even happened — but what I do know is that California was always considered almost a separate and more tolerant land.

Sadly, as we all are likely aware, the uncharacteristic actions of California are more or less due to the political divide and the misinformation campaigns that both major political parties are communicating as their mainstream base narratives.

Officials who represent the state of California have not at all given vapor products the proper credit they deserve. Never once have we heard factual evidence in the form of reciting information reported by perhaps the most reputable medical institution in the world, the Royal College of Physicians.

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