About Us


Quality, Care & Commitment since 2013

PUFFS originally opened in 2013 as PUFFS "Vape Shop", however... over the years while working with so many confectioners artificial food flavorings, PUFFS has evolved into one of the Midwest's most fun, unpredictable yet reliable artificial flavoring mixing houses. The artificial flavors PUFFS offers are mixes that can be used in recipes including cotton candy, icings, cakes, hard candies, cookies, frostings and yes... e-juice. 

Puff’s takes ULTIMATE pride in our excellent customer service,  buyer satisfaction, and product knowledge which allow our consumers access to world-class products. 

PUFFS mixes all 300+ of our flavors FRESH using only high quality, FDA approved, USP food-grade ingredients. PUFFS e-juice flavors remain available in a variety of nicotine strengths ranging from 24mg down to 0mg and are available as “STIFF”, which provide more “throat hit”,  “SMOOTH”, which delivers a mellow, yet flavorful blast of flavor that you will enjoy all day long, or "CLOUD", which allows a flavor only experience with next-to-no throat hit. Choose a juice that's right for you!

Come in to our store at 1520 E. Douglas in Wichita, Kansas and try our flavors today!

Need help finding PUFFS? Check out the map located below... 

PUFFS Wichita
1520 E. Douglas #200
Wichita, KS 67214